BROWN CRAWSHAW (BCI) provides counselling and consulting services to corporations and professional organizations throughout British Columbia.

With over twenty-five years of hands-on experience, we strive for 100% client satisfaction at every point of contact through teamwork, ingenuity and service excellence. BCI’s Principals drive the business, daily maintaining the partnership with Program Owners and clients.

BCI sustains responsive and highly effective relationships with Program Owners, assisting them to achieve their organizational goals by improving the well-being of individual employees and their family members.

Professional relationships rest on frequent and respectful communication. Responding in a consistent and sustained manner, BCI effectively resolves problems for organizations and for our clients.

The result is BCI’s reputation for exceeding expectations.


  • Construction
  • Crown Corporations
  • Education
  • Hospitality & Entertainment
  • Health
  • Municipal & Provincial Governments
  • Professional Services & Associations
  • Professional Sports
  • Resource
  • Retail
  • Trade Unions
  • Manufacturing


  • deliver on all our commitments to employees and the organization, enhancing the program's credibility;
  • provide statistical information on utilization, trends and service satisfaction that respects client confidentiality; and recommend initiatives to sustain program focus and momentum.


  • maintain the support of union and management for the EFAP;
  • remain visible through publicity, awareness activities and web access;
  • be easily accessible, 24/7, with a courteous, professional manner;
  • offer choice of competent counsellors with demonstrated expertise located close to home or work;
  • set appointments within 2 to 3 working days, sooner if urgency requires;
  • protect their confidentiality; and act ethically and provide redress if required.

I can unequivocally say that our experience with Brown Crawshaw as the service provider for our EFAP has been overwhelmingly positive. From the customer service our committees get, to timely critical incident briefings, to the feedback we get from employees who have utilized the services...every step of the way, Brown Crawshaw has been there for us. - Cathy Cook, Human Resources, Corporation of the City of Delta

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BCI's believes that most of the problems of living can be alleviated through insight, goal setting and sustained effort to evoke a better future.

Clients are encouraged to take responsibility for their own behaviours and subsequent consequences. Our services are focused on supporting clients to take control, achieve their goals and thereby improve their well-being. This positive, resilient philosophy is welcomed and embraced by our clients.

BCI counsellors provide a safe place to listen to the needs of the client. Listening allows the counsellor to establish a mutual partnership with the client.


  • availability - timeliness, immediacy
  • accessibility - BCI is only one phone call away
  • integrity - honesty, clear sense of boundaries
  • dignity - respect
  • professionalism and ethics - do no harm
  • sensitivity - supportive, caring and empathic
  • accountability - both parties are responsible

Canpar Industries has been a proud participant of Brown Crawshaw’s EFAP since 2000. As the Human Resources Manager for a company of 140 employees, I have a deep sense of confidence and security in that whatever challenges arise in our daily lives, we have a mechanism in place to provide our employees with the necessary assistance and solutions. - Jim Oakes, Human Resources Manager, Canpar Industries

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